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Domino app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 3726 ratings )
Games Board Strategy
Developer: Rogobete Christian
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.2.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 06 Aug 2008
App size: 7.94 Mb


Play the game of domino! - the international version of the classic tile game.

Gamers can play 4 different versions including the most popular games – international, draw, and points by 5s (no spinner). Learn how to play international dominoes through the help tutorial and in-game hints. Compete against other players from all over the world by our integrated online scoring.


- one and two player modes
- training and scoring modes
- 4 different rule sets
- 4 different tile sets and game themes
- board scrolling and fast play mode
- auto decision mode
- online high score boards
- sound, music and animation
- help tutorial and in-game hints

Pros and cons of Domino app for iPhone and iPad

Domino app good for

I played this app on my jail broken iphone and loved it. I really wish it would look the same as the previous version. I liked when you play against the computer, you can see the computers titles. Anyway,in the next update we could have same look? Other wise it is a really fun game.
A great little time waster. Perfect when waiting for the subway. Works well, beautifully designed.
Great game and layout. I dont want to put it down. Animation of the bones are smooth, but would like option to turn it off to speed up the game. Otherwise, it is a perfect fit for the size of the iPod/iPhone.
Good App. Good layout. Easy to play. I would give this 5 stars if you could let me listen to my own music while using this app. thats something Im looking forward in the next update.
Would b a five star game if I could listen to my own music also if they could move the icon to end the game of the board. I keep hitting by accident
This app is really nice. the graphics are crisp, detailed, and can surprisingly fit alot of information on the screen. The sounds are adequate and will play over top of your own music if you so wish. There are 5 game types, and I wish there were more. The only other thing I would like added is a way to keep track of how many wins you and the computer have when playing each other - some way of keeping a history of your wins and points would be great! Otherwise - i spend alot of time on this and am glad i purchased it.

Some bad moments

This game is great. Ive had so much fun with it. Only problem is they refuse to do any updates. So dont download this. There have been more and more glitches everytime Apple does an update. Dominoes fly off the screen, it constantly crashes and loses your saved games, scores dont submit right sometimes. The game itself is 4 stars and helps to pass time, but now its become so unbearable with the bugs, that I have to come on here and write a review to prevent others from falling prey.
This is the 2nd time Ive written about this problem. It occurs about halfway through a game. Check out the "Turn" notice. It will show "P3" as though there were 3 people playing and that its the third persons turn, when you are playing against only the computer. Should be an easy fix if the programer would only look at our reviews.
I wishI bought this at wal-mart so I could take back for a refund. Now the only reson I got this app was cause of a review, well tihs not nothing like the Dominos ive played. no spinner!!! It dont keep score till the end of game. PLEASE dont waist your $1 on this or the "Domino touch". Real Domino fans save your MONEY!!!!!
anybody whos been playin bones with your boys for a while would know this aint played the same. play by 5s but cant play off the spinner!!! hope u can update this.
If theres anyone out there that knows how to delete these reviews go ahead and delete the ones I wrote I took another look at that bill .…....... Its actually the first gas bill that I had ever recieved through my email from dominion Gas....... Not Dominos....... So please accept my appology and let me quietly drift away and put this review on the biggest goofups shelf This is da one I just got a bill from Domino via e-mail for over $188........ I have no clue why or for what.... I was just enjoying the game until this insane message landed in my mail... WHAT THE #*+^><€£¥•••???? It said nothing about doing xxxxtra raping after the .99$ charge and Now they sending me a bill as if I spent 99 cent just to get charged hundreds!!!!!!!! This is insanity!!!!!! Who the.............. What the???? Uh! uh! no way....!!! Im deleting it after writing this!!!! And Domino can shove that bill up their own..... I couldnt pull such money away even if I tried.... Leacve me alone!!!!!
Anyone who plays extensively would NOT be impressed. Computer opp makes dumb plays and misses scoring oppurtunities and loses Domino time after time. Should have levels of competiveness or something. At least an update

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