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Work perfectly

Worth the $$$ Fun!

Great App- jailbroken Installer version is better

I played this app on my jail broken iphone and loved it. I really wish it would look the same as the previous version. I liked when you play against the computer, you can see the computers titles. Anyway,in the next update we could have same look? Other wise it is a really fun game.

Great game!

I love the tune too!

Works great, excellent value for money

A great little time waster. Perfect when waiting for the subway. Works well, beautifully designed.

Perfect for the iPod

Great game and layout. I dont want to put it down. Animation of the bones are smooth, but would like option to turn it off to speed up the game. Otherwise, it is a perfect fit for the size of the iPod/iPhone.

Good App. Good layout. Easy to play. I would give this 5 stars if you could let me listen to my own music while using this app. thats something Im looking forward in the next update.

Great game

Would b a five star game if I could listen to my own music also if they could move the icon to end the game of the board. I keep hitting by accident

Very good time waster

This app is really nice. the graphics are crisp, detailed, and can surprisingly fit alot of information on the screen. The sounds are adequate and will play over top of your own music if you so wish. There are 5 game types, and I wish there were more. The only other thing I would like added is a way to keep track of how many wins you and the computer have when playing each other - some way of keeping a history of your wins and points would be great! Otherwise - i spend alot of time on this and am glad i purchased it.

Simple and cheap

Fun to play and its great that it has two player. And its only $0.99. Wish you could drag the tiles with your finger. Needs more layout choices.

Not bad

Overall, a decent game but its not a great idea to scroll to see all the board to count pieces. When dominoes reach side of screen, make them turn with an elbow so that we can see all of them at the same time. The scroll thing makes this game really annoying. Another annoying thing is that you cannot cancel your choice when you hit wrong domino by mistake. Please fix this.

Great Game

This game is fun, and if you want to listen to your own music, just go to settings section of the game and turn the music off :)


純粋なドミノゲームです 20ゲームで1マッチなので、多少時間がかかります(ゲーム数を選べればよかったのに) とはいえ、安心して楽しめます It is a pure domino game. It is reasonable and can play freely.


there are logical mistakes in point calculations.. it makes computer almost unbeatable..


make table smaller n freezes a couple times. please update


This game is great. Ive had so much fun with it. Only problem is they refuse to do any updates. So dont download this. There have been more and more glitches everytime Apple does an update. Dominoes fly off the screen, it constantly crashes and loses your saved games, scores dont submit right sometimes. The game itself is 4 stars and helps to pass time, but now its become so unbearable with the bugs, that I have to come on here and write a review to prevent others from falling prey.

Episodic freeze!!! (Please fix)

This is the 2nd time Ive written about this problem. It occurs about halfway through a game. Check out the "Turn" notice. It will show "P3" as though there were 3 people playing and that its the third persons turn, when you are playing against only the computer. Should be an easy fix if the programer would only look at our reviews.


Great game but it freezes quite often. This seriously needs to be fixed. I wouldnt recommend buying until they fix it. Seems to freeze when youre doing good, and as someone else said, it shows it as player 3s turn when there isnt a player 3 and there is no setting to change. FIX IT!!!!!

Lets slap some bones!

I really enjoy this game, its a great time killer and I have not had any problems with gameplay.

Excellent but hoping update!!

An update that include iPhone 3.0 testing and advantages

Awesome game.

Very addictive. Excellent gameplay.

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